Edo.io is a technology company that builds simple,
functional and essential products.


Line up

Edo Agenda (soon Moleskine Journey)

"Design your day"

The smart agenda for freelancers, creatives and people who do great work.

Edo Agenda Paper

"Where tradition meets technology"

The balanced combination of notebook, journal and planner, which makes it easy to bring inspiration from paper to the web.

Edo Team (former edo.io)

"Reinvent team communication"

No longer supported. A brand new experience for organizing, sharing, and managing files and communication in one place, built on top of Google Drive.


We are creative thinkers, collaborative social spirits and active producers.

We enjoy life and the inspiration we get out of it.

In these days of excesses and information overload, in which everyone adds instead of taking away, we promote a daily life with less excesses and more balance.

Balance between being and having, skills and tools, quality and quantity.

Our greatest aspiration is to reach the extraordinary through simplicity.

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